My Life :)

My Life :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

College WTF!

wussup world?

Now as you can see, me and tylar were on good terms :). We fell asleep into each other arms, i felt like i had the world in my hands. Nothing could compare to what we had at that time. Although, this were things get a little crazy.

About a week or 2 later I sent her a txt. She replies saying she's mad at me. I ask her "why?" and she says because "You're still talking to Tamika". Soo this is the issue between Tamika and Tylar. They were once best friends, but then they fell off and the beginning of the year. They were supposed to be roommates and stuff, but i don't know what happened between them. I was really cool with Tamika, but this was before i even knew Tylar and her had any beef. I was married on facebook to Tamika only as a friend though. It was just a joke, just for fun. Tylar gets upset and calls me out on it while we were arguing.

She said she was mad at me because she thought i was still talking to her. At this point me and Tamika had already "divorced". Not only does Tamika likes my best friend. She divorced me because she got mad at him. So, Im sitting here explaining to Tylar what this whole situation is about and pouring out my feelings to her. Then she brings up how she saw us "flirting" in the club. First off, i danced with Tamika maybe once, or twice. Then she used me a "boyfriend" to get away from this dude that was trying to talk to her. After a while I'm just talking to her and expressing my feelings to her and she just cuts me off. :/

The next day I'm hurt and lost because I didn't do anything. I'm working out and relieving my stress then I get a txt msg...from Tylar. She says "imy but im still upset"
I reply "i miss u more :("

Then we get back on good terms and doing great, texting each other and thinkin bout each other all the time. Lifes good right now

Then yesterday I get a random txt from her.. "she says "well i just found some shyt out! In a weird way. soooo this will be the last time I talk to you"..i'm sitting here like wtf..wat are you talking about. she says "it involves another girl, thats all im gonna say. I'll let you go". At this point im highly confused in my head like wat the hell is goin on. She never tells me the gurls name or anything. She just tells me she gonna let me go and she never wants to talk to me again.

Im highly upset right now because my gurl just leaves me out of nowhere and i'm sittin here lost. because im not fukkin no other gurl, but her. Everybody on campus knows that i talk to her. I'm just confused on this situation, Because ONCE AGAIN I didn't do anything.

I'm tired of this roller coaster ride and I need to get off. Getting my feelings hurt 3 times is not cool. I wanna leave her, but i really love this gurl. My friends say why you get back with her? somebody who hurts you once is bound to do it again. I guess they were right. I was tryna end this school year on good terms with her.

Maybe its not meant for us to be. Maybe she never really cared about me, like i care about her. maybe I'm just her security blanket, somebody to run back to. I can't take this anymore, because right now I'm just confused on what love is :(

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