My Life :)

My Life :)

Friday, February 12, 2010


its hard to get over her..its certain things dat make me wonder, why would you let me in sooo deeeeepppp and drop me of here..

never understood, but it is what it friends say forget her, i'll find better, she not even worth it, your gonna find better
im hopin i will lol..I gave all dis trust into some thing i thought was gonna be..but i guess i can't control what she thinks about me or what she does..

well off to class lol

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Beginning of Us...

Sooo ive been talking this gurl named Tylar since about november, really koo chick laid back and everything. Real wifey type of chick. Never really found a gurl like her. Everybody see's us as being a couple, i walk around campus and her friends would be like "where yo boo Tylar at" lol. Only thing is we never really got in a relationship, but we did everything and couple could do. Hung out, chilled, etc. I care about her and I'm completely caught up with her. Deep in this situation, even got some songs that remind me of her when I'm alone.

Yesterday i got an IM on facebook from a guy i never met before, he asked me if i was messing wit dat gurl. I responded yea, and he told me well she messing wit me to. I aint know what to say, i asked "what she be saying to u". he told me "missin a niga, lovin a niga, wanna have kids n shit". I was completely speechless, hurt inside. he was like "man dont even worry bout it, bcuz i had a feeling she was messin around out here, im bout to expose her for who she really is". told me he had a lil sex tape and everything. The worst part is Valentines day is right around the corner and i was planning on doing something with her. Now that this happened idk what ima do. I'm thinkin about talkin to her, and talkin it out and finding out what's up. Or I can just leave it alone and never speak to her again..