My Life :)

My Life :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

fav song right now

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

She's Everywhere

soo yea..summer's going great :)

but there's one problem..replicas of tylar are everywhere. Im not trying to purposely stop thinking about her, because i like the gurl too much. but too many things are reminding me of her.

some examples are zebra prints are EVERYWHERE I GO. i see them on phone covers, blankets, purses, dresses. and the thing is I never seen zebra print on accessories until i met Tylar. SMH.

Another is Example is her last name. I see it on Facebook like every 2-3 days bcuz somebody dun added sumbody with her last name. and her last name came up on my video game yesterday. and the dudes first name was Travis. ughh.. I also seen a tall gurl wit micros in wal-mart the other day..same skin tone and everything.. jus a lil smaller bcuz of her age..

its crazyy. is it a sign or sumthin?..i jus wanna know why its happening to me??

Monday, May 17, 2010



well, my b-day was just yesterday! I'm 19 now! wooop wooop (lol). My grades have improved a little bit. I went from a C to a B in Psych.! I was happy bout that

As far as me and Tylar goes. its slowly drifting off :/. I think its because I'm coming onto her a little too strong. Me and Her made this little joke that we wouldn't talk to each other til August lmao. Well I'ma see if I can do that. or at least leave her alone for a while. I'm pretty sure I can :)

As for this summer love ish goin on, its going pretty well i suppose. Alotta gurls hittin me up, It's crazy. The thing is i'm single and I hope none of these gurls get the feeling that I'm a player

there is this one gurl that is deeply feelin me. but im avoiding her. for some odd reason, idk why tho

I guess you can say..I'm chasing somebody whose avoiding me, and Avoiding somebody whose chasing me..

Friday, May 7, 2010

Long Gone Missin..

heyyy yall

welp its the end of my freshman year! I just hope my grades come out as well as i want them too and I can come back in the fall. I swear it would suckk ass if i didnt come back next fall :(

But anyways. As you can see in my last posts about Tylar we got back on good terms, once again. I seen her a few days ago before she left to go home for the summer. We chilled and said our goodbyes, kissed each other knowing that we dont wanna leave each other for 3 months.

well its the summertime..i guess im ready for this summer love ish to start :]