My Life :)

My Life :)

Monday, May 17, 2010



well, my b-day was just yesterday! I'm 19 now! wooop wooop (lol). My grades have improved a little bit. I went from a C to a B in Psych.! I was happy bout that

As far as me and Tylar goes. its slowly drifting off :/. I think its because I'm coming onto her a little too strong. Me and Her made this little joke that we wouldn't talk to each other til August lmao. Well I'ma see if I can do that. or at least leave her alone for a while. I'm pretty sure I can :)

As for this summer love ish goin on, its going pretty well i suppose. Alotta gurls hittin me up, It's crazy. The thing is i'm single and I hope none of these gurls get the feeling that I'm a player

there is this one gurl that is deeply feelin me. but im avoiding her. for some odd reason, idk why tho

I guess you can say..I'm chasing somebody whose avoiding me, and Avoiding somebody whose chasing me..

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