My Life :)

My Life :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

summer so far

*taps mic*

wat it is world?

its been a min huh? Almost a month since i last updated. well lets do some catchin up shall we?

hmmm..i had a letter sent in the mail last month from skoo about financial aid and to see where i was in terms of grades and i had to send that off. I got that taken care of before the deadline(thank goodness lol)
i spent july 4th in cincy wit my uncle Terrance and my lil cousins. it was good experience. the house parties was aight..culdve been better if there wasn't no dykes in der -_-

i gotta jobb woop woopp :D

i have a slight belief in signs. and example would be last year. i got a flyer in the mail from university of kentucky (never heard of em before then). all of the sudden, i would see a kentucky hoody..and then i would see more kentucky shirts and then i got my kentucky acceptance letter.
weird huh?

aight lately me and tylar have been talkin about kids and marriage and stuff rite..(crazy huh?) and she says she wants 2 lil gurls. a couple days later, i was at a pool and two lil baby gurls around the same age came up nxt to me and sat down. another sign was, when i was in cincy my girl cousin was 9 months pregnant and she had lower back tat(so does tylar) and it said "taurus 5.14.91" which is my sign also 2 days before my b-day. she also has a foot tatt (so does tylar)..weird aint it?

idk i just cant seem to escape not tryin to, its jus weird how she's so attached to me

alota gurls talk to me.and i talk to alota gurls.but its not the same without her

culd this be love? idk wat she wants tho