My Life :)

My Life :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

well well well...

wat it is bro

well summer's bout to close up and I'm headed back to KY in about 3 wks :)) can't wait

i know its been quite sometime since i let me just pick up where i left off

about a week later i went back to cincy to visit the same family. We went to a family reunion and saw some people my pops grew up with. I swear it was some crazy stories I heard about my dad. Also my cousin had her baby and it was a beautiful baby boy. #shoutout to that lil light skin niga lol.

I never got to tell yall about my summer love. I met this 16yr old gurl danielle earlier in the school year while i was at school. we had some long talks and stuff. she found out how cool nd stuff I was, she just never talked to me. Although she knew all my friends when I was in h.s. Anyways, after i got out for the summer we chilled and talked for a while and she seemed really koo. So I get to know her a little more. She seems to catch feelings like, really deep feelings. but it was kinda hard to balance between her and Tylar. It was like I want Tylar way more than her, but then again Danielle's here for the moment. but I can't get with Danielle bcus of 1. her age, 2. Im in college and she still in h.s., 3. long distance relationship never works, 4. I know I'm not gonna be happy bcus I know that I can do better.

I explained this to her and she cant seem to let go. which tells me that she wants more. I told her hold on til the future. if we not married or dont have any kids. i'll hit her up and maybe we can start our own family ;) lol

but yea thats my summer love issue..kinda weak but ehh its whatever.

3 weeks nd I'm gone :D