My Life :)

My Life :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Well damm gucci.!! lol. i haven't been on this in over a year. like damm lmao. I went to tumblr to blog nd stuff because my friend/ lil sis klarke put me on. but i really need to vent right now.
let's just update shall we?

aight i left off in November 2010. soo i'll just pick up from there

December/ January 2011
I spent New Years with my bestfriend kay ray nd we went HARD lol then i seen tylar again for the time since November, she was fukkin gorgeous. had on a lil dress pretty ass smile. i was jus gone. we flew into each others arms as soon as we seen each other. Despite it lastin ALL of 15 Mins -.- i still got to bring in the new year with her. and i was incredible.

The spring semester begins and I'm back at UK, back on my grind, back on my grades. Me and Tylar's relationship is better than ever. I spent her birthday with her on Jan. 24th to show her some

February rolls around and there's an Apollo and Apollo after party. the after party was at this big ass club nd it was thickkk lol. Now remind this is the first party I've been to that's been live all year. Me nd my bros step through and my girl Tylar comes through with her clickk. Here's where things gets worst. i cracked nd got twerked on -_____________-. it was garbage AF. i highly regret it. Tylar apparently seen it.

what makes matters worse is that our 5 month anniversary was the next day. and after that was Valentines day. SMH. i was HURT. but i made it up to her on valentines day. brought her the best gifts ever lol.

March comes in and spring break is around the corner. My plan was too go the lil wayne concert that was in columbus since i was gonna go home. But I gave that up to spend time with tylar nd her fam for spring break. However, on her way home for spring break she got into a wreck. i was devastated, I trhought i lost my wife for a minute. lol. but she was fine but the car wasn't! smh. I'm just glad she didn't leave me :)

April/ May
April comes in and we spend our 7 month anniversary at Abuelo's and went to go see Just Go With It. One of the best movies with Adam Sandler in it !  Romantic Comedy nd shit lmao. one of best dates ever though.

Then the dreadful month of May, despite my birthday being in that month, it's the end of the school year :/
I was soo sad when my Tylar left me. Then I had to head home. i turned 20 that month too lol

During the June. I applied for hollister and ended up getting the job. Little did I know that the hours were gonna suck donkey balls lol. I worked one, maybe two days a week. fukkin garbage bruhh. But i stayed with it because i needed the money.

now July rolls around and me nd Tylar have been planning a day for her to come visit me in Columbus. She came on July 26. best day ever I swear lol. however shit went straight downhill from there. there were apparently bed bugs in my house that I had no  idea about, my air conditioning wasn't working. shit was not goin the way I planned. the bank was taking my money for old dues. Her visit was just terrible. Therefore, she     had bites on her leg, I couldn't spend my money, and she left within like 3 days of her visit. I was sad once again lol.

August comes through and ever since tylar left, she wasn't talking to me. It was all because i wasn't open with her. I shoulda slapped myself because it really was stupid not be open with your Girlfriend. then I find out UK is on that bullshit once again. soo My baby enlightened me on the idea of the reserves. I took it to heart and gave it a shot.

September comes through and I  decide to step off UK for a Min and take some courses at CC in Ky thats a branch of UK. so my credits will automatically transfer over. I went down to UK again to visit my tylar from  that last week of august til labor day. Now Hollister hasn't scheduled me for a shift since that last week of July when Tylar came to visit me. Fukkin Weak. So i apply for the Hollister down in ky to see if i can get that job. I have experience, so it shouldn't be that hard right? I scheduled an interview for the end of September because thats when my semester began. After I leave ky, i go home and me and Tylar's One Year Anniversary rolls by. 9/13/11. i was hurtttt once again. But it comes to find out that i was going back sooner than later because of my advising conference and stuff. soo i was geekeddd lol

late september comes and it's the WORST. smh. I couldn't get a dorm because it was through UK so I had to stay with my girl. she was stressed out lol. i had a lil afro growing. and I was losing weight. this all happened within 2 weeks of me being there. I just felt like i was losing my mind.

Early  October sets in and everything is going downhill again, I was texting an old friend of mines about this job at firehouse subs. We did some catching up because she wanted know my situation. Now this old friend of mines is Tamika, a girl who Tylar doesn't apparently like for some odd reason. later on in the week, tylar texts me asking me "When did you and Tamika start texting". I told her UHHH NEVER. i was just asking her about the job. she gets mad and all this other b.s. this goes on for about a few days. we eventually make up.

On the brightside of things I got the Hollister Job :). I'm currently working there now. its a good job. everybody is really cool. This Hollister is 100x better than one in Columbus.

Late October/Early November

I finally got my apartment! I know i was stressing my baby out. I'm living lavish now bruhh lol. So everything right now is just easing on by. I spent Thanksgiving at home in Columbus. That was fun lol.


So the end of the semester rolls around and my grades are beastin. I worked over the holiday season at hollister. Money had to be made ! lol. Around christmas eve, Tylar came and picked me up after work. Christmas was good. didnt get much, but the time spent with her was worth it :)


its 2012 ! one of my bestfriends threw a party for new years soo Everybody came over there. Everything was good during this time. I

This Spring break I didn't do anythinggg. Anything at all

Thursday, November 4, 2010

rocky road..

wussup wussup!?

dammm its been like 3 months since i last updated this thing soo lemme just do a little catchin up shall we?

Late August early September..
i didnt end up going to back to UK this fall due to some bull shitt between my grades, financial aid, and all this other stress ful stuff. it was just crazy alot of decisions/sacrifices were made but i guess it all turned out for the best.
I started workin for this factory that aint work out for long smh lol
my pops wanted me to do CC (community college) for a min. but that aint work out either. and plus it was super wack . I was like uhh FUK NOOO! -.-

Late September, early October..
Me and Tylar decided to become official 9/13, yea it may seem dumb bcus im not there but the feeling between us was mutual and both knew my situation at the time. So she jus said "I love you anyways and I'm going to make the best of this"I swear she my ride or die. :) lol

I also went down to UK for the first time since like May lol went to visit all my friends, my bros, my nigas since day 1, nearly everybody. While i was down there me and tylar got into an argument.

it was over that danielle chick from the summer smh. supposibly Tylar went through my facebook inbox and saw a msg from me that i sent to danielle about bein prego nd wat not. now remind you the siuation behind all of this was dead in the summer. turns out she never was prego. However Tylar just goes off and never wants to talk to me again blah blah blah..smh.
I leave her alone for a day or so and we get back on track again. hey love can do crazy things to you sometimes.
soo i end up leaving after a weeks stay in good ol lexvegas and as i SOON as i get home i had to plan my next trip which was homecoming/halloween

Late October/Early November
So after planning my Trip i arrive in Lex once again to my bestfriends of all time lol
this time i was planning on spending more time with Tylar nd wat not. The First party on friday was wack bcus most ppl didnt get in..smh saturday rolls around and there was a house party that mostly everybody went too and it was pretty good. But before the party I did a little bit of drinking. Now Normally i dnt drink and i recommend dont lol..IT TASTE LIKE NASTY ASS MEDICINE lol

any ways after all of that everything was great between me and Tylar until IT HAPPENED AGAIN -__-
danielle posted a wall post on my wall on facebook..and then Tylar starts to get all stubborn and beat around the situation. THATS ONE THING I ABSOLUTELY HATEEE ABOUT HER !!!!! i love everything else about her but that shit just IRKS MY NERVES. .soo we just talk it out for a min and she just completely cuts me off. The next day, I GO THE FUKK OFF on danielle. completely erase her out of my life. facebok, twitter, numbers everything. I was heated bcus this was some bullshit..i tell yo lame ass more than once to move on and leave me alone and yet you still here. WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION MY NIGA!?!

After a while the feeling of sadness and guilt is still between us. it last for about 2-3 days. I show her the msg and she says it makes her feel somewhat better.

at the End of my trip at UK we decided to remain together because Let's just face it we can go on without each other lol

ohh yea nd my cowboys is wtf is dis bullshit

I plan on spending thanksgiving with my bestfriend and surprising Tylar by showing up at her house because she dosent believe I'ma come lol

but all in's been one helluva ride bro..

Monday, August 2, 2010

well well well...

wat it is bro

well summer's bout to close up and I'm headed back to KY in about 3 wks :)) can't wait

i know its been quite sometime since i let me just pick up where i left off

about a week later i went back to cincy to visit the same family. We went to a family reunion and saw some people my pops grew up with. I swear it was some crazy stories I heard about my dad. Also my cousin had her baby and it was a beautiful baby boy. #shoutout to that lil light skin niga lol.

I never got to tell yall about my summer love. I met this 16yr old gurl danielle earlier in the school year while i was at school. we had some long talks and stuff. she found out how cool nd stuff I was, she just never talked to me. Although she knew all my friends when I was in h.s. Anyways, after i got out for the summer we chilled and talked for a while and she seemed really koo. So I get to know her a little more. She seems to catch feelings like, really deep feelings. but it was kinda hard to balance between her and Tylar. It was like I want Tylar way more than her, but then again Danielle's here for the moment. but I can't get with Danielle bcus of 1. her age, 2. Im in college and she still in h.s., 3. long distance relationship never works, 4. I know I'm not gonna be happy bcus I know that I can do better.

I explained this to her and she cant seem to let go. which tells me that she wants more. I told her hold on til the future. if we not married or dont have any kids. i'll hit her up and maybe we can start our own family ;) lol

but yea thats my summer love issue..kinda weak but ehh its whatever.

3 weeks nd I'm gone :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

summer so far

*taps mic*

wat it is world?

its been a min huh? Almost a month since i last updated. well lets do some catchin up shall we?

hmmm..i had a letter sent in the mail last month from skoo about financial aid and to see where i was in terms of grades and i had to send that off. I got that taken care of before the deadline(thank goodness lol)
i spent july 4th in cincy wit my uncle Terrance and my lil cousins. it was good experience. the house parties was aight..culdve been better if there wasn't no dykes in der -_-

i gotta jobb woop woopp :D

i have a slight belief in signs. and example would be last year. i got a flyer in the mail from university of kentucky (never heard of em before then). all of the sudden, i would see a kentucky hoody..and then i would see more kentucky shirts and then i got my kentucky acceptance letter.
weird huh?

aight lately me and tylar have been talkin about kids and marriage and stuff rite..(crazy huh?) and she says she wants 2 lil gurls. a couple days later, i was at a pool and two lil baby gurls around the same age came up nxt to me and sat down. another sign was, when i was in cincy my girl cousin was 9 months pregnant and she had lower back tat(so does tylar) and it said "taurus 5.14.91" which is my sign also 2 days before my b-day. she also has a foot tatt (so does tylar)..weird aint it?

idk i just cant seem to escape not tryin to, its jus weird how she's so attached to me

alota gurls talk to me.and i talk to alota gurls.but its not the same without her

culd this be love? idk wat she wants tho

Friday, June 18, 2010

tired of it

wussup world
Summer 2010 is really wack right now.
here's the issue, im reallly tired of getting turned down by jobs. it really sucks. how can I start a job if i get no experience from other ones?? "you have to start somewhere" they always say that. well ive been looking for that "somewhere" and keep ending up NOWHERE. I call and follow up on my application and nothing ever happens. it really bothers me :(

but oh well..i jus have to keep trying. its only for 2 months anyway. 2 months left in dis bitch and back to college bruhh bruhh..gahhhhh i miss it :)))

oh and as for me and Tylar we good..better than ever..lovin everything she says to me when we txt :).crazy thing is..we never talked on da phone lol..except once when she went off on me about tamika a few months ago :/..we talked about our future together..i wonder if we'll be together later on in life..that wuld be lovely, but then again..idk if i wanna get hurt all over again...

hope this summer at least turns around..tired of layin around lol

Sunday, May 30, 2010

fav song right now

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

She's Everywhere

soo yea..summer's going great :)

but there's one problem..replicas of tylar are everywhere. Im not trying to purposely stop thinking about her, because i like the gurl too much. but too many things are reminding me of her.

some examples are zebra prints are EVERYWHERE I GO. i see them on phone covers, blankets, purses, dresses. and the thing is I never seen zebra print on accessories until i met Tylar. SMH.

Another is Example is her last name. I see it on Facebook like every 2-3 days bcuz somebody dun added sumbody with her last name. and her last name came up on my video game yesterday. and the dudes first name was Travis. ughh.. I also seen a tall gurl wit micros in wal-mart the other day..same skin tone and everything.. jus a lil smaller bcuz of her age..

its crazyy. is it a sign or sumthin?..i jus wanna know why its happening to me??