My Life :)

My Life :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

tired of it

wussup world
Summer 2010 is really wack right now.
here's the issue, im reallly tired of getting turned down by jobs. it really sucks. how can I start a job if i get no experience from other ones?? "you have to start somewhere" they always say that. well ive been looking for that "somewhere" and keep ending up NOWHERE. I call and follow up on my application and nothing ever happens. it really bothers me :(

but oh well..i jus have to keep trying. its only for 2 months anyway. 2 months left in dis bitch and back to college bruhh bruhh..gahhhhh i miss it :)))

oh and as for me and Tylar we good..better than ever..lovin everything she says to me when we txt :).crazy thing is..we never talked on da phone lol..except once when she went off on me about tamika a few months ago :/..we talked about our future together..i wonder if we'll be together later on in life..that wuld be lovely, but then again..idk if i wanna get hurt all over again...

hope this summer at least turns around..tired of layin around lol