My Life :)

My Life :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

rocky road..

wussup wussup!?

dammm its been like 3 months since i last updated this thing soo lemme just do a little catchin up shall we?

Late August early September..
i didnt end up going to back to UK this fall due to some bull shitt between my grades, financial aid, and all this other stress ful stuff. it was just crazy alot of decisions/sacrifices were made but i guess it all turned out for the best.
I started workin for this factory that aint work out for long smh lol
my pops wanted me to do CC (community college) for a min. but that aint work out either. and plus it was super wack . I was like uhh FUK NOOO! -.-

Late September, early October..
Me and Tylar decided to become official 9/13, yea it may seem dumb bcus im not there but the feeling between us was mutual and both knew my situation at the time. So she jus said "I love you anyways and I'm going to make the best of this"I swear she my ride or die. :) lol

I also went down to UK for the first time since like May lol went to visit all my friends, my bros, my nigas since day 1, nearly everybody. While i was down there me and tylar got into an argument.

it was over that danielle chick from the summer smh. supposibly Tylar went through my facebook inbox and saw a msg from me that i sent to danielle about bein prego nd wat not. now remind you the siuation behind all of this was dead in the summer. turns out she never was prego. However Tylar just goes off and never wants to talk to me again blah blah blah..smh.
I leave her alone for a day or so and we get back on track again. hey love can do crazy things to you sometimes.
soo i end up leaving after a weeks stay in good ol lexvegas and as i SOON as i get home i had to plan my next trip which was homecoming/halloween

Late October/Early November
So after planning my Trip i arrive in Lex once again to my bestfriends of all time lol
this time i was planning on spending more time with Tylar nd wat not. The First party on friday was wack bcus most ppl didnt get in..smh saturday rolls around and there was a house party that mostly everybody went too and it was pretty good. But before the party I did a little bit of drinking. Now Normally i dnt drink and i recommend dont lol..IT TASTE LIKE NASTY ASS MEDICINE lol

any ways after all of that everything was great between me and Tylar until IT HAPPENED AGAIN -__-
danielle posted a wall post on my wall on facebook..and then Tylar starts to get all stubborn and beat around the situation. THATS ONE THING I ABSOLUTELY HATEEE ABOUT HER !!!!! i love everything else about her but that shit just IRKS MY NERVES. .soo we just talk it out for a min and she just completely cuts me off. The next day, I GO THE FUKK OFF on danielle. completely erase her out of my life. facebok, twitter, numbers everything. I was heated bcus this was some bullshit..i tell yo lame ass more than once to move on and leave me alone and yet you still here. WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION MY NIGA!?!

After a while the feeling of sadness and guilt is still between us. it last for about 2-3 days. I show her the msg and she says it makes her feel somewhat better.

at the End of my trip at UK we decided to remain together because Let's just face it we can go on without each other lol

ohh yea nd my cowboys is wtf is dis bullshit

I plan on spending thanksgiving with my bestfriend and surprising Tylar by showing up at her house because she dosent believe I'ma come lol

but all in's been one helluva ride bro..