My Life :)

My Life :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

She's Everywhere

soo yea..summer's going great :)

but there's one problem..replicas of tylar are everywhere. Im not trying to purposely stop thinking about her, because i like the gurl too much. but too many things are reminding me of her.

some examples are zebra prints are EVERYWHERE I GO. i see them on phone covers, blankets, purses, dresses. and the thing is I never seen zebra print on accessories until i met Tylar. SMH.

Another is Example is her last name. I see it on Facebook like every 2-3 days bcuz somebody dun added sumbody with her last name. and her last name came up on my video game yesterday. and the dudes first name was Travis. ughh.. I also seen a tall gurl wit micros in wal-mart the other day..same skin tone and everything.. jus a lil smaller bcuz of her age..

its crazyy. is it a sign or sumthin?..i jus wanna know why its happening to me??

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