My Life :)

My Life :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i'm not sure anymore..

Wat it is world

It's dead week here at UK, so it's alot of studying goin on around here for finals. ughh :/

Soo guess who texted me last nite.. :( Tylar

She says hey Terrell...i'm like WTFFFFFFF LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! i'm tired of this bullshit, ARE U FREAKIN CRAZY!! quit playin with my emotions. I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!

so i txt her back n say "wussup?"

she says studying and stuff and I told her I'm doing the same. I told her i was surprised she texted me because she said she wasn't going to speak to me anymore. she said yea true,but there was reason behind that because of something that happened.

I'm like okk wat happened?..she says "i walked into class and i seen this girl talking to you on fb chat. and there was lots of hears and smiley faces and what not. i was just mad. then i think shegave you her number or you asked for it. IDK. it just made me mad"

I was like wow, ok the girl she prolly talkin bout is a friend. i don't talk to anybody but Tylar. I was kinda upset, so i replied telling her that she was just a friend and that girl is ONCE AGAIN my bestfriends lil boo thang, because they been talking since first semester.

So she says its koo, i understand now.

I don't know what it to do anymore. I guess we back to being koo again, idk. I'm just lost..ughh :(

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