My Life :)

My Life :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

back to normal..??

*taps mic*

been a min huh? sorry i haven't been updating. College is alot of hard work, in case ya didn't know (lol).
Oh yea if you didnt know i attend The University Of Kentucky. Yea yea we made it to the Elite 8 and lost to West Virginia. just look out for us next year BRUHHHH!!! Where i left off was about a month ago, where we fell off. Well recently, I seen Tylar in the library and it was the most AWKWARD thing I've ever experience. She looked up, she seen me..I looked over, i seen her and she looked back down. That was it. Never knew it was gonna be like that. I couldnt even get a wave at least, or some acknowledgement.

I stop talking to her until around march 5th. I was eating lunch with one of her best friends, Sidney. Sidney was the one who hooked me up with Tylar when i first met her back in October.
She asked if i been texting Tylar or talkin to her. I said Naw, i havent talked to her in a month." Sidney told me to text her and see how's she doing. I thought maybe she might not text back. knowing the situation.
I talked to my bros, my nigas, my goons, about it and they told me that I had nothing to lose. Which was true.

So I txt her....anticipating a response, thinking that i may not get one. I recieve a txt from her she says.."heyyy strangerrr" kinda chuckled a lil bit knowing that she was smiling on the other side of the phone.

Ever since then I've been talking to her, here and there seeing hows she's doing. I seen her walking around campus recently. This was the first time i seen her in person since like january, because we stay on opposite sides of campus. I hugged her she smiled and i smiled. we talked for a minute, and she asked if i was going to this party on saturday. I told i was going and that she should save me a dance.. she smiled and laughed and said alright.

Saturday came and i walk through with my entourage, my nigas , my bros (lol) and i see her. she's already 5'11, and with them 5 inch heals on she was about my height but i was still taller. she look gorgeous as usual. I came up and gave her a hug and she always smells good too. Just love bein around her.

We danced and told her goodbye and goodnite. she txt me a smiley face. she wanted me to come over after she got done eating with her friends. So i come over and we chill and we do grown people stuff :) (lol). afterwards we cuddle like some grown folks, she fell asleep on me, she starts kissin my body, i kiss her forehead and we just fall asleep in each others arm. I just start thinkin to myself, what does she really want. Is it me? or is she tryna play me all over again?..because i'll be damned if i get hurt twice in one semester!! especially by the same girl. I wanna take it to another level with her, and love her like I want to, but its like I can't. I just don't wanna have to face the same problems again. I'm just gonna let it play out and see what happens....

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